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Financial Support for Afghan Family Resettlement

In October 2021, the CDT Board formally committed to support an Afghan family who was resettled to the Boston area following their challenging exit from Afghanistan. That commitment included a pledge to raise sufficient monies and in-kind support to meet the family’s basic living needs for an initial resettlement period of about one year.

The Board’s initial goal was to raise at least $15,000 towards this end; our very generous community in fact raised almost $20,000 within days after the first fundraising appeal.   We estimate that, along with some expected federal government support for Afghans, this amount should help the family meet its basic living needs for a period of four to five months.   Our hope is that one or more members of our sponsored family will gain employment and move towards self-sufficiency over a reasonable time under their specific circumstances. Because of this, we do not yet know the exact amount that our community will need to raise over the upcoming year to allow this family to live with dignity as they restart their lives in the Boston area.

Our Leadership Committee plans to inform you via this webpage over the upcoming months about our assessment of additional funds needed to meet the family’s core living expenses.  In the meantime, we are always grateful for whatever donations you can make to support this project, via check or by going to this Giving Page on the CDT website.

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