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Donations in Response to the Israel-Hamas War

This is an expansive list (in alphabetical order) of a wide range of organizations responding to the crisis in Israel and Gaza, and is being updated as new opportunities arise.

Anera— Providing humanitarian assistance in Gaza.

HIAS — Jewish American refugee support organization now organizing support in Israel for displaced people.

Kibbutz Movement fund - A central fund for residents of the kibbutzim in the Gaza envelope that were devastated on October 7.

Magen David Adom — Urgent care and blood supplies in Israel

Middle East Children's Alliance— Emergency assistance to families in Gaza who have fled their homes and medical assistance.

New Israel Fund Emergency Response — As of April 2024, NIF is raising funds to address the famine in Gaza, supporting World Central Kitchen and the International Rescue Committee.  Since October 7, they have been giving grants inside Israel to care for the most vulnerable and affected; prevent inter-communal violence; combat hate speech and disinformation; provide trauma counseling; respond to human and civil rights' violations. 

Palestine Children's Relief Fund— Providing humanitarian assistance to Gaza's children.

Physicians for Human Rights Israel's Emergency Response — Israeli organization addressing urgent medical needs both for Israelis and foreign workers in Israel as well as for people in Gaza.

Rabbis for Human Rights is working to support marginalized communities in this time of crisis, including Israeli survivors and evacuees facing poverty, Bedouin communities in the Negev, Palestinians displaced due to settler violence, asylum seekers, and more. 

Rebuilding Alliance--A U.S.-based organization that partners with Palestinian NGO's to deliver food and hygiene supplies. Rebuilding Alliance funds local food programs and continues to assist even while international aid organizations have suspended some of their activities.

Reconstructing Judaism "Ways To Help"--a list of organizations working to support people both in Israel and in Gaza.

Regional Council for Unrecognized Arab Villages in the Negev - support for Bedouin communities hit by Hamas rockets.

Road to Recovery- In honor of Israeli peace activist Vivian Silver, murdered on October 7, you can support this organization in which she was active, Israelis helping transport Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank to medical care inside Israel.

Therapeutic Help for Israeli Survivors of Hamas Attack — Support for a volunteer group of therapists working with survivors housed at the Dead Sea

United Front of the Demonstrations' headquarters — The member organizations of the Israeli Protest Movement are uniting to support the people of Israel during this war.

Women for Women International - working with local groups to get emergency supplies to women and families in Gaza 

World Central Kitchen is organizing meals for families in Gaza, Israel and Lebanon affected by the current war.

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784