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Help Pass the Afghan Adjustment Act!

02/03/2022 03:45:42 PM


Tony Broh

This message requests action this coming Tuesday, February 8
Call your U.S. Senators and Representatives
Forward this message to friends and relatives 

Some acts of Tikkun Olam focus on individuals like the Afghan family we are helping resettle; some require collective action like advocacy for legislation that advances a similar cause.  Passing the Afghan Adjustment Act is a situation where we can do both.

 On February 8, HIAS, a Jewish American nonprofit providing aid and assistance to refugees, is sponsoring a Day of Action where members of congregations across the country are asked to call their U.S. Senators and Representatives and urge them to support the Afghan Adjustment Act

This legislation attached to the Federal Budget would grant the Afghans evacuated here permanent legal status. Without this legislation, Afghans will have to fight through an unnecessary, incredibly complicated, and expensive legal process to stay in the United States.  If Congress fails to act, life will become much more difficult for the Afghan refugees here, including the family that Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, Hillel B’nai Torah, and Reservoir Church are supporting. It will also create a lot more work for our volunteers working so hard to help the family. 

Here are the phone numbers you can call on Tuesday, February 8

U.S. Senators
Elizabeth Warren:  (202) 224-4543
Ed Markey:  (202) 224-2742

 U.S. House of Representatives
(Brookline, Newton, Needham) Jake Auchincloss: (202) 225-5931
(Watertown, Waltham) Katherine Clark: (202) 225-2836
(Cambridge, Somerville, Alston, Dorchester) Ayanna Pressley: (202) 225-5111
(Jamacia Plain, Dedham) Stephen Lynch: (202) 225-8273

Adding personal comments to your request to support the legislation is always effective.  You might consider saying something about the following topics

§  My congregation in Newton or Dorchseter or Cambridge is supporting an Afghan family of four in its resettlement effort
§  We have a moral obligation to the Afghans in this country that supported the United States for 20 years
§  Reducing the anxiety for Afghan families in this country is a major step in resettlement
§  Providing permanent legal status through legislation will reduce unnecessary legal expenses for Afghan families
§  Afghan families in this country are worried about their own future and the future of relatives remaining behind

Thank you for your support.

 For the Afghan Family Resettlement Leadership Team,
Janet Penn (co-chair)
Paul Hattis (co-chair)
Meryl Epstein
Annette Jacobs
Julie Korostoff
Tony Broh


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