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Religious School Teachers

 Rabbi Shahar Colt

Rabbi for Congregational Learning

Since 2015, Rabbi Shahar Colt has been serving Dorshei Tzedek as the Director of Congregational Learning. In this role, she directs the school, oversees youth and family programs, teaches adult learning classes, and interfaces with synagogue committees and events wherever education supports the life of the congregation.

You can see Rabbi Shahar’s full bio here.

 Amira Shulman-Kumin

Inclusion Coordinator

Amira brings a wealth of experience to the project of inclusion in the CDT Religious School. With a background as an elementary school reading specialist, Amira has worked with students of all ages and with a wide range of special needs. She has collaborated with other teachers in helping those students in inclusion classroom settings, as well as working with students individually. She has worked with parents to identify priority areas and to develop plans for their children’s success, both within her schools and as a private consultant.

You can see Amira’s full bio here.

 Adina Mailick

Nitzanim/Gan (Pre-K/Kindergarten), 4th-6th Grade Tefillah (Prayer)

Adina has worked at a number of local area Hebrew Schools since moving to Boston in 2009, including spending 5 years at Dorshei Tzedek, and is so excited to be re-joining the staff this fall after a brief hiatus. When not teaching, she spends her time pursuing writing, photography, and other passions, all of which she is excited to bring into the classroom and share with the kids in this community.

 Devora Rohr

Nitzanim/Gan (Pre-K/Kindergarten), 3rd Grade Hebrew Teacher

Devora loves exploring the joy and wonder of Jewish tradition and community with our youngest students and their families through traditional and innovative liturgy, song, stories, games, art and more. Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, she attended Jewish day schools and summer camps. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College, Devora served with City Year Boston in a K-8 school in Roxbury, worked in various area synagogues, and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Jewish Education at Hebrew College. Devora and her wife Stephanie live in Newton with their inquisitive and extroverted children, Teddy, Yona, and Anna.

 Ali Moss

Kitah Alef (First Grade)

Happy to be returning for my fifth year on the CDT Religious school staff. My passion for Jewish life and learning has motivated me to move my teaching career from the public school sector as a Spanish teacher to working in an early childhood center. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, graduated from McDaniel College in Maryland, and moved to Boston to pursue and receive my Masters in Education (MAT) at Simmons College. My strong Jewish identity was formed in the small Reconstructionist congregation in which I grew up, then cemented during the five years I spent working at Camp JRF. I love the Boston area and the community here. I also love chocolate, I am a coffee snob, enjoy watching movies and theater, and will spend time curled up in front of any Jodi Piccoult book! Looking forward to another great year in Kitah Alef.

 Shira Moss

Kitah Bet (Second Grade)

Shira has over 20 years of experience teaching through the arts in a variety of general and Jewish educational settings. She brings a mastery of skills in providing engaging lessons and activities that address all styles of learners and looks forward to bringing the Jewish Values curriculum to life with Kita Bet this year.

Lia Almekies

Kitah Gimmel (Third Grade)

Lia Almekies is so excited to be joining the Dorshei Tzedek staff as the Kitah Gimmel teacher. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2017 with a degree in Public Health Education. She currently works in special education during the school year and on the beach at Camp Grossman during the summers. She can’t wait for a fun year of learning with Kitah Gimmel!

Jenni Corwin

Kitah Gimmel (Third Grade) Teacher


Jenni is a second-year student at Brandeis University. She is pursuing a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies, and she considers herself to be a proud student activist. Jenni loved her experiences growing up in Jewish life, and she is psyched to bring that love to students at Dorshei Tzedek.


 Sivan Ben-Hayun

Kitah Dalet (Fourth Grade) Lead Teacher

Sivan is originally from Long Island, New York, but now lives in Waltham, Massachusetts, where she studies at Brandeis University. There, she is pursuing a degree in Sociology with minors in Theater Arts and Social Justice & Social Policy. The three primary loves of her life are Torah, community organizing and French fries. The fourth primary love of her life is bringing these joys to new generations of Jewish students.

Shoshanah Boardman

Kitah Hay (Fifth Grade) Teacher

Shoshana is a junior at Harvard from Arlington, MA. She is studying math and history.

 Joanna Marcus

Kitah Vav Assistant Teacher

Joanna is a second year student at Brandeis University. She has a deep passion for the violin and plans to major in music, while also exploring other academic areas. Joanna was a student at Dorshei Tzedek Religious School as a child, and she absolutely loves seeing the current students build their own sense of Jewish identity and create new memories where she once did. 

 Andrea Kamens

Kita Vav Teacher

Andrea Kamens is excited to return to Dorshei for her third year. She is a storyteller, mom, and community volunteer. She graduated from Boston University, spent a year living and studying in Israel, and has now been living in Brighton for over 20 years. She and her husband have five children. She is on the board of the Story Space in Cambridge, MA, a venue started over 25 years ago by the late Brother Blue and his wife Ruth Edmonds Hill to allow for the sacred task of telling all genres of story and listening to all people. Brother Blue used to say a story came from the middle of me to the middle of the middle of you; that’s what and how Andrea tries to teach. No one is too young or too old to listen to others and to voice their own truth.

Micah Friedman

Kitah Vav (Sixth Grade) Lead Teacher


Micah feels blessed to have the opportunity to teach Kitah Vav on Sundays this year! He is a Shanah Bet (second year) rabbinical student at Hebrew College where he enjoys spending many hours swimming in the sea of Torah and hopes to invite his class into these thrilling waters through engaging with the Prophets this year. Originally from Tampa, FL, Micah enjoys spending as much time as possible outside surrounded by greenery.

Adah Hetko

Floating Sub

Adah Hetko is excited to join the Dorshei Tzedek community and get to know all of the Religious School grade levels as a floating substitute. Adah has a master’s in Jewish Studies from Indiana University and she just completed a fellowship year at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA. Adah also brings skills in Jewish storytelling and a background in Yiddish language and music.


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