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CDT Religious School



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5785/2024-2025 Religious School Calendar

Are you looking for a community oriented and values-based Jewish education for you and your family?

The Dorshei Tzedek School brings our community’s core values to life! We are a supplemental education program that offers classes for 3 year olds through 7th graders. Together, we strive to build a community where caregivers and children can find meaning and connection to our ancient and ever-evolving tradition. 

Program Information


• Temple Reyim (1860 Washington St, Newton)
• Shabbat and weekday programs: Dorshei Tzedek
(60 Highland St, West Newton) 

Sundays, 9:30-12pm for Kitot Gan through Zayin (3 years old-7th Grade) 

Each week we begin together as a community of grownups and children for a thirty minute opening program. Students then split up by Kitah (grade level) for the morning. Each kitah’s curriculum focuses on a different aspect of Jewish peoplehood from Jewish values, to holidays, Torah stories, Jewish culture, and Jewish history. Social justice, community building, and the arts are woven throughout the learning at every grade level. There are opportunities for family and parent learning throughout the year. Click here for more information about the curriculum. 

Weekday Program for Kitot Gimel through Vav
(3rd-6th grade)

Our Hebrew and tefilah (prayer) curriculum begins in 3rd grade with a weekday session. Students participate in small group tutoring on Tuesdays at Dorshei Tzedek or Zoom tutoring at a time during the week that works for your child and a tutor. This program allows students to study the Dorshei curriculum at their own pace and at a time that works best for their schedule.

For more information about our program, visit our Tuition and Program page

Learn more about our program! 

Our Education Director Earnest Arky Solomon is available to answer any questions you may have and to help you see if Dorshei Tzedek might be the right fit for your family.

Schedule a meeting with Earnest here!



Project Based Learning at Religious School!

Visit our Project-Based Learning Showcase to see more examples of our Religious Schools students' work!

Kitah Bet/2nd Grade

Jewish Values Fabric Mural


Puppies, peace, sunsets, hearts, and Hebrew are being stitched together in Kitah Bet - second grade! Teacher Andrea Kamens is a Senior Educator Leadership Fellow (SELF cohort 3) this year through the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. For her fellowship project, she's been scaffolding skills on studying together as chevruta, traditional Jewish learning partners, through word games, interview questions, and collaborative art.

Working in pairs, children created panels for a fabric mural on the word Olam, which they will tell you means the universe/expanse of time and space, and is prominent in prayers for boundless love. They co-created over weeks with each other, their madrichimot, and a professional mural artist, Jennifer Bloom, via Zoom from Radici Studios in California. Volunteers from the congregation have started the sewing process so that the complete work can hang proudly at the synagogue for years to come. 

Kitah Vav/6th Grade

All-Ages Siddur Project

Our Kitah Vav (6th Grade) class created the artwork for a new All-Ages Erev Shabbat siddur. Click the "slideshow" button below to learn about their process creating the siddur. View the finished siddur here, and join us at our monthly All-Ages Erev Shabbat to experience it yourself! If you would like to dedicate a siddur in someone's honor or memory and contribute to the printing of the new siddurm, please fill out this form

Sun, July 21 2024 15 Tammuz 5784