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COVID Updates for B'Mitzvah Host Families

last updated June 15, 2022

Thank you for your partnership and patience as we work together to celebrate safely. Because the situation with the pandemic is constantly in flux, please know that we will revise these guidelines as circumstances change, and be in touch with Melissa Colten if you have any questions.

All guests must be informed by the host family that they should attend only if they are fully* vaccinated, are symptom free (without elevated temperature, sore throat, nausea, muscle aches, cough, respiratory symptoms, unexplained rash, and loss of smell or taste) and have tested negative using an at-home test that morning. *Fully vaccinated is defined as having had 2 shots (or 1 J&J) plus a booster for those aged 14+, and having had 2 shots plus 2 weeks for those aged 5-13.

Please note that all services will also have a Zoom option for guests and congregants. This is an exciting time and we all want to celebrate in the way that is most comfortable and safe for us as individuals!  

For more information, see our non-COVID B'nei Mitzvah In-Person Guidelines and logistics and other guidelines. We also encourage you to visit our community shared folder full of helpful COVID-19 Zoom B'nei Mitzvah tips.

The CDT Sanctuary

The CDT Re-entry Protocol Committee has recommended and the CDT Board has approved that our sanctuary can now safely return to 100% capacity.

The set-up in the sanctuary will be as follows

  • Rabbi Toba, who will have received a negative result from an at-home COVID test that morning, will be on the bima, and will be unmasked only during the service. If her test result is positive, we will move to Zoom.
  • Dennis Maler, CDT A/V technician, will be masked throughout the ceremony, and will be sitting at the tech table in the back corner.
  • Masks. N-95 or KN-95 masks are required for all persons aged 2 and older, and will be maintained for the duration of the service, even if all attendees are fully vaccinated. Guests must remain masked throughout the ceremony. Masked attendees may come up on the bimah for Torah honors, and can be unmasked on the bima if an at-home test result is negative from the morning of the ceremony. 
  • Air flow. The overhead fans will be on and set in reverse, and our CowayMega air purifiers will be running the entire time. If the weather permits, the windows will be open.
  • Food will not be allowed in the sanctuary.


After the ceremony, all are welcome to move downstairs to Fellowship Hall for mask-optional kiddush and/or to the Parlor for a foodless mask-required gathering to connect, if they wish to do so. Alternatively, if the B'Mitzvah family wishes to hand out to-go boxes, have a food truck, or explore outdoors options, they are requested to contact Melissa Colten beforehand to discuss the logistics as well as obtain permission from 2nd Church.

Costs and Contributions

Each B'Mitzvah family, while we are unable to have a community kiddush after the Shabbat morning service, will be charged $250 to help offset the increased A/V and other costs. When we are able to have community kiddush after Shabbat morning service, an 
additional $200 will be requested to cover the rental cost charged by 2nd Church.

Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782