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Frequently Asked Questions

last updated on August 17, 2022

As we move into the High Holydays, we are focused on creating an experience that is both meaningful and safe for all members of our community, with the guiding principle of protecting the most vulnerable among us, both old and young. First and foremost, we are a community and we take care of one another.

We are conscious of both the desire and spiritual need to reconnect in person, as well as the ways in which the pandemic continues to evolve. While we are not yet able to celebrate exactly as we did in years past, we hope that following these guidelines will allow is to be together safely, as a community.

Where are High Holyday services taking place this year?

Erev Rosh Hashanah, 1st day Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre, and Yom Kippur services will be taking place at Gann Academy. Adult services will once again be located in the dining hall, which has excellent airflow and ventilation. Shorashim (tot) services and day care will be located outdoors under canopies, children's services (ages 6 - 12) in the beit midrash across from the fining hall, and teen program in a classroom.

Is it just for CDT members, or is the general public invited, too?

We welcome members and non-members alike.

Is vaccination required? If so, do I need to provide proof?

This has become increasingly complicated. Please see below.

  • Adults 18+ are required to be vaccinated with one booster, additional boosters recommended. 
  • Children 5+ are required to be vaccinated, booster recommended. 
  • Children 6 months - 5 years, vaccinations are recommended, not required. Participants 2+ masks required, KN95s strongly recommended, but please use whatever is most comfortable and best fitted 
  • Rapid testing recommended 24 hours prior to services
  • We operate on the honor system, and do not require proof of vaccination.

Is testing required?

Testing is not required for attendees. Rabbi Toba and others leading unmasked on the bimah will be tested prior to services.

Do we have to wear masks both indoors and outdoors?

No, only indoors. We will require all attendees aged 2 and older and staff to wear well-fitted masks indoors. Wearing a mask outdoors is up to each individual's situation and comfort level.

The one exception will be Rabbi Toba and other prayer leaders, who will be tested before each service and will lead from the bimah unmasked.

What about the kids? 

Kids of all ages are absolutely welcome at every part of our High Holydays programming!

When and where will childcare be offered this year?

Childcare for kids aged 3 - 13 will be provided outdoors under canopies during the following service times

  • Rosh Hashanah Day 1, Monday, September 26, immediately following the 10:00am youth services and until the conclusion of main services, roughly 12:15pm. 
  • Yom Kippur Day, Wednesday, October 5, immediately following the 10:00am youth services and until the conclusion of main services, roughly 12:30pm. Childcare will resume on Yom Kippur from approximately 5:00pm - 7:00pm.

In the case of severe inclement weather, we will move the shorashim (tot) service and childcare into large-capacity rooms in Gann Academy's gym building.

Will the childcare staff be masked?

They, like the kids, have the option to be masked outdoors if they would like. All childcare staff have been vaccinated. 

Can we have our kids sit with us in the main service?

Yes, absolutely! We would love to see them in the main service with you!

What about singing? Can we sing while attending the service, and will CDT sings be performing live? why?

CDT Sings has the option of wearing special choir masks for added protection during services. We invite all attendees to sing if comfortable doing. Rabbi Toba and our other service leaders will be tested before the service and will be unmasked while they lead. 

What happens for the shofar service?

On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, at approximately noon, our children join the main service as we all blow our shofars together!

What will seating be like?

We will once again have normally-spaced open seating at the full capacity of the space.

How will food be handled? Are we having a break-fast?

Kiddush and break-fast will be served following services, outdoors at Gann Academy. There will NOT be a buffet. Rather, there will be smaller platters on individual tables so that social distancing can take place comfortably as people take off their masks to eat.

What kind of masks are good or bad, and why?

While (K)N95 masks are recommended, general advice is that masks should have a minimum of two layers and must be kept over the nose as well as mouth to offer protection. Comfort and fit is key.

Will services and programming be Zoomed?

Our main services will be live streamed from the Gann Academy dining hall via YouTube as well as in an audio-only radio format. Children's, teen, and shorashim services will not be live streamed.

Second day Rosh Hashanah services will be Zoom-only, and much of our Yom Kippur afternoon programming will also be Zoomed.

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