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Board and Off-Board Members 5783 / 2022-2023

The Board is made up of the Executive Committee, Vice Presidents, and At-Large members. The Board retains overall fiduciary responsibility for the congregation and sets CDT’s policies and strategies.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets regularly to oversee the work of the volunteer committees and the daily activities of the congregation, consistent with Board policies.

President: Stacey Chacker (

Immediate Past President: Bob Warren

Treasurer: Jennifer Levine-Fried (

Secretary: Dan Rome (

Rabbi Toba Spitzer (

Executive Director of Operations: Margaret Farmer 


Vice Presidents

Co-VPs Membership: Carole Slipowitz and Marjorie Salvodon (

VP Education: Vacant — nominate yourself or a friend!

VP Tikkun Olam: Tony Broh (

Board Members-at-Large

Sheree Galpert, Melody Komyerov, Ayelet Lipton, Jenny Sartori, Meryl Epstein, and Rebecca Byard 

Off-Board Chairs

Children’s Education Committee: Becca O'Murchada

Chesed:  Gail Pressberg (

Nediv Lev: Janice Cole & Ezra Hausman

Inclusion Committee: TBD

Ritual Committee: Marion Ross & Peter Katz (

Space: Steve Siegel

Website: Dan Halbert (

Welcoming Committee: Vacant — nominate yourself or a friend! 

Past Presidents

Bob Warren, Lissy Medvedow, Jen Kaplan, Allison Daskal Hausman, Chayim Herzig-Marx, Judy Herzig-Marx, Cheryl Sacks, Elaine Pollack, Marc Steinberg, Nancy Gertz, Paul Hattis, Debbie Waber, Peter Katz, Linette Liebling, Cindy Shulak-Rome

Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783