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Inclusion & Accessibility

Congregation Dorshei Tzedek is dedicated to creating a caring and inclusive community. We affirm the idea that every human being is created b’tzelem Elohim, “in God’s image,” and is thus deserving of care and respect. Our Welcoming One Another guidelines are intended to help us greet one another with that sense of care.

If you have feedback or questions about our inclusion work, please email

Physical access to our prayer, school, and event spaces:

•  Second Church of Newton: Shabbat and holiday services, meetings, main offices, and weekday Religious School

•  FUUSN: Chanukah party

•  Cabot: Sunday Religious School, Sunday morning adult education and Purim

Accommodations at services and events

Inclusion at our Religious School


Physical access to our prayer, school, and event spaces

Physical access to the Second Church of Newton, 60 Highland Street
     Shabbat and holiday services, meetings, main offices, and weekday Religious School

•  There is a wheelchair accessible entrance from the Chestnut St parking lot. The address for this lot is 61 Chestnut St, West Newton, MA 02465. When approaching this lot from the street, look for the sign that says "Second Church of Newton." Please speak to us at least a day in advance if you plan to use this entrance so that we can be sure to have it unlocked. You can reach us Monday through Thursday from 10 am-6 pm at 617.965.0330 or

•  Handicapped parking spaces are in both the Chestnut St. and Highland St. parking lots.

•  There is an elevator at the back of the Fellowship Hall (big room) on the first floor, which leads directly into Dorshei Tzedek's sanctuary on the second floor. A ramp onto the bimah is available upon request. 

•  Our kiddush space, administrative offices, and some meeting spaces are on the main floor, which is fully accessible. Our second floor meeting spaces and Rabbi Toba's office are down a half flight of stairs. Rabbi Toba is happy to meet with people in other locations, either in the church or elsewhere.


•  The women's restroom and single stall all gender restrooms on the first floor are accessible.

•  There is a single stall all-gender restroom on the second floor, down half a flight of steps.

Physical Access to FUUSN, 1326 Washington St
     Chanukah celebration and miscellaneous programs

•  There is a small parking lot on Highland Street which is reserved for those with mobility needs. The main entrance to FUUSN is through this parking lot - go through the gate, and follow the short path around the corner. There are no steps at this entrance.

•  Our Chanukah and Purim celebrations mainly take place on the first floor, which is fully accessible. Some workshops for Chanukah may take place in the basement or second floor. We regret that there is no elevator in this building.


• There are accessible restrooms on the first floor, in the hallway past the Parish Hall. All restrooms at FUUSN are all-gender and multi-stall, and have modesty strips to cover gaps in stall doors.

Physical Access to Cabot Elementary School, 229 Cabot St, Newton, MA
     Sunday Religious School, Sunday morning adult education and Purim

• The parking lot closest to the main entrance is reserved for those with mobility needs. The building has one floor and there are no steps to access the building or inside. 


• All restrooms at Cabot are fully accessible. There are many single-stall restrooms throughout for both adults and children, and we designate an additional multi-stall bathroom between the cafetorium and gym as all-gender.


We offer the following accommodations at our programs and events

     • Live captioning of English-language on Zoom
     • Large print siddurim (prayer books) for Shabbat Morning Services
     • Braille siddurim (prayer books) are available for Shabbat Morning Services
     • Bimah ramp available upon request
     • Fidget objects are available in our sanctuary for anyone who wishes to use them
     • Reading glasses and magnifying lenses are available in our sanctuary
     • Designated quiet rooms at our High Holiday, Chanukah, and Purim celebrations
     • Bench in our sanctuary for those who need to lie down during services

To request additional accommodations, please email


Inclusion at our Religious School

As a congregation, Dorshei Tzedek is committed to creating an inclusive environment that provides access for everyone in our community. This extends to our religious school, where we work hard to create an environment where every student can succeed, regardless of their socio-emotional, behavioral or academic learning needs.

Inclusion Director

In addition to the support of Earnest Arky Solomon, our Education Director, and all of the student’s teachers, the school has an inclusion director specifically focused on addressing students' 
learning and inclusion needs. Jess Green, our Inclusion Director, is available to meet with teachers and families, coordinate with schools, and support students individually during school hours.

Assistant Teachers and Madrichimot

Every class in our school has at least one assistant teacher (college-age student) or madricheh (high schooler). These assistants are trained and supervised by Earnest Arky Solomon and Jess Green and are provided specific training on supporting students with disabilities and unique learning needs in the classroom. In some cases, we have individual aides for specific students that need a designated person working with them throughout their day at school.

Teacher Training

Every teacher receives inclusion specific training at the beginning of the year and checks in with the inclusion coordinator throughout the year. This training includes instruction on what an inclusive lesson is, how to plan inclusive lessons, supporting the teaching assistants in their work with students, implementing effective behavior plans, and teaching Hebrew reading to students with learning disabilities.

Alternate Programming

When we are unable to meet the needs of a student in our program, we work closely with external options to support the student in their Jewish learning. In the past this has included sending students to Temple Israel for small group Hebrew instruction and to Gateways for their learning programs. In most cases these students are still able to participate in our Sunday School program, going elsewhere instead of our Tuesday program, which allows them to remain a member of the school and their cohort.

For more information, please contact Inclusion Director Jess Green ( or Education Director Earnest Arky Solomon (

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