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Voter Mobilization Project: 2024 Election Season

There's nothing better for alleviating anxiety about the election than taking action with community. Join us in our work with the nonpartisan group, The Civics Center. They are on a mission to make voter registration part of every high school in America.  

Take action!

We are writing letters to registered parents of teens who haven't registered to encourage them to get their kids registered. Sign up here to join a letter-writing party, or just let us know you'd like a packet to do on your own. 

The more we work together the bigger impact we will have!

Make sure you are signed up for the Voter Mobilization listserv by emailing and asking to be added to the list.   

Learn about The Civics Center

4 million Americans turn 18 every year, but we estimate fewer than 30% are registered to vote.

Barriers to registration are the #1 obstacle to youth voter turnout. The Civics Center has the solution: Preregister teens in high school.

The Civics Center has seen that once young people are registered, they vote in high numbers--and they keep voting as they get older. They have created many impactful strategies to get many more young people registered. And what better way to strengthen our democracy for the future?Get a deeper understanding of their strategy by watching this interview with The Civics Center founder, Laura Brill. You will be inspired!

Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784