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Blessings & Services: Audio/Video

Abby blows shofar!
Evan blows shofar!

Bedtime prayer with Rabbi Toba
Mi Camocha by the CCKOC band
Adon Olam by the RubberBand

These pages contain audio and video clips for blessings used at home and services as conducted at Dorshei Tzedek. They are for our Religious School students and for anyone else who would like to learn and practice.


Erev Shabbat

Shabbat Videos

Shabbat Morning Service (for Religious School study)

Shabbat Pesukei D’Zimra Nusach (melodies): sung by Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Shabbat Shacharit Nusach (melodies): sung by Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Torah Service

Closing Prayers

Havdallah Blessings


Torah and Haftarah Trope


Purim (Megillah)

Yom Kippur Service

High Holydays Youth Services



Shivah Service

Torah Blessings

The Torah blessings used in Reconstructionist congregations are slightly different than those recited elsewhere. These materials will help you prepare if you are called for an aliyah during our services.

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Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyyar 5782