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Lisa Hirsh

Artist's Statement

I painted a lot as a kid, and then left it for about 50 years. I started again in 2015 painting in watercolor.  Maine has been a favorite place to paint and I feel incredibly lucky to return to the same beloved cottage on Kezar Lake every summer.  Five of the paintings here were done on the porch of this cottage over the last four summers, Afternoon at Horseshoe Pond, The Farm, Sunday Morning, The Porch and View From the Kayak.  In recent years I have been drawn more and more to abstract painting and experimenting with different media. The Willows in March combine watercolor and pastel, Burst of Orange in Winter is part of a series playing with color juxtapositions. Cloud, Pond, Sky and Vernal Pool in the Rain were painted on Yupo paper which is a very slippery surface and provides wonderful opportunities for working in new ways and having many surprises. 

Click on the video link next to Vernal Pool in the Rain to learn about the inspiration.  I hope you enjoy the paintings and would be delighted to hear your reactions.

from the porch in Maine

Afternoon at Horseshoe Pond

The Farm

Sunday Morning

The Porch

View from the Kayak

experiments in mixed media and abstraction

Cloud, Pond, Sky 

wartercolor on yupo paper

Willows in March

watercolor and pastel


a word from the Artist 

Vertigo in Stern Grove



Vernal Pool in the Rain

 watercolor on yupo paper



Blue Vernal Pool

watercolor and pastel

Burst of Orange in Winter


watercolor and pastel

Road to Fryeburg

Wed, November 30 2022 6 Kislev 5783