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Welcome to Kitah Bet (Grade 2)Meet your teacher, see your schedule, and learn about your curriculum! 

Shira Moss

Shira has over 20 years of experience teaching through the arts in a variety of general and Jewish educational settings. She brings a mastery of skills in providing engaging lessons and activities that address all styles of learners and looks forward to bringing the Jewish Values curriculum to life with Kita Bet this year.



Curriculum Overview

The Bet Curriculum “Jewish values” introduces the concept of mitzvot as actions that connect people and make the world a better place. The students explore a variety of mitzvot such as welcoming guests, feeding the hungry, giving tzedakah, and caring for the elderly. This class includes several field trips to enact these mitzvot, such as volunteering with Family Table and visiting elders at Hebrew Senior Life. In Kita Bet students also begin their exposure to Hebrew letters and early reading skills.

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Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyyar 5782