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Kesher Yisraeli / Israel Connection / קשר ישראלי

Origins of This Group/Who We Are

We are a group of Dorshei members who have come together to explore our deep feelings about and connections to Israel. Some of us are Israeli, some are Israeli identified, and some are folks who are committed to a fuller exploration of their own relationship with Israel. 

Our Vision

  • Create a safe and brave space in which Dorshei members with strong ties to Israel can express the fullness of their relationship, identification, and/or connection to Israel.
  • Help the Dorshei community as a whole become more inclusive and welcoming to current and prospective Israeli and Israeli-identified members.
  • Create a broader connection to Israel among the Dorshei adult and youth communities by exploring Israel’s histories and diverse cultures, languages, accomplishments, and challenges.

Our Goals

  • Given that Israel is an integral part of Jewish history, we hope to create opportunities for members to learn about Israel's spiritual richness, divers cultures, languages, music, histories, peoples, and person stories of Israeli life. 

  • Work with the Director of Congregational Learning and the Childhood Education Committee to expand the religious school curriculum to include multiple and divers narratives and images of Israel, its languages, cultures, achievements, challenges, etc.

  • Support the creation of affinity groups based on members' desires for connections to Israel.

Please contact Ayelet Lipton for more information.

Tue, October 3 2023 18 Tishrei 5784