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Got Shabbat?

Have you “Got Zoom Shabbat?” We do! 

November 7, 2020       January 16, 2021 (MLK)      March 13, 2021

All ages are welcome at this virtual Shabbat celebration, as we learn together, have fun, and discover new ways to celebrate Shabbat. Whether you are 5 or 50 or 100, we hope to see you there, so don’t miss it!


On April 25, 2020 we read the Torah portion Tazria Metzora, and did so much more! Read below to explore.

10:00am Rabbi Toba will lead us in morning songs and blessings 

10:30am - 11:15am 

Esther Kohn will lead a teaching in the “main sanctuary” Zoom room 

Workshops will take place down the virtual "hall", each using its own specific Zoom link:

  • Writing as a Spiritual Practice with Jordan Namerow                              Want to explore a new way to ground yourself and feel less "stuck" in these challenging times? Join Jordan Namerow for a brief writing workshop to engage with the complexity of our lives and access language for what we love, what we fear, and what we might not have been able to write about before. Together, we'll do some timed writing exercises and explore how we can cultivate a daily writing practice to free the writer within each of us. 
  • Connect with Stories with Cindy Rivka Marshall     
    Share and listen to stories of times in our lives when we felt a sense of connection – spiritually, or to other people, nature, animals, or a shared purpose. Cindy will prompt memories and images, and facilitate an exchange to help participants connect with each other.

  • Yiddish Shabbat Song Workshop with Adah Hetko     
    Come learn spirited Yiddish Shabbat songs that are perfect for singing at the Shabbat dinner table, by yourself while taking a walk, or any other time! No prior Yiddish knowledge or singing experience needed; bring your enthusiasm. Adah is a teacher in our religious school, as well as a Yiddish speaker, singer, and dancer.

  • Gentle Yoga and Meditation with Alix Zamansky     
    When we are surrounded by stress, we often forget to breathe. In this workshop we will use our breath and gentle movement to ease the tension in our bodies and still the chatter in our minds. No experience required! All you need is comfortable clothing, a blanket/towel, and a pillow. If you have a yoga mat, bring it along. 

  • Music and Movement for Little Ones with Ora Gladstone
    Specifically geared for families with children aged 0-6. 

11:15am - 11:30am     All gather back to finish the Shabbat morning service in the "main sanctuary" Zoom room 

11:30am - noon     Virtual kiddush!


Past workshop offerings have included: 

Shacharit & Elul Study
After warming up our spirits with prayers of the morning service, we will delve into teachings related to the month of Elul, the weeks leading up to the Ten Days of Teshuvah/Turning. How can we best prepare for the new year?  What does it mean to make a “soul accounting,” one of the traditional practices of Elul?  Adults and teens invited to explore!

Exploring Teshuvah through Poetry and Art

The High Holidays liturgy is bursting with beautiful and evocative imagery.  In this session, we will explore one prayer, Hashivenu, in depth.  We will discuss the images and feelings this prayer evokes in us, and we will use these insights to create our own poetry and art work.

Returning Through Rhythm

Participants will engage actively in a group percussion experience exploring relevant themes of the upcoming holidays. The cyclic themes of returning to one’s self,  reflection on the previous year,and the interpretation of moving from “back-to-back” to “face-to-face” during the month of Elul will be at the center of a number of musical expressions geared toward all ages. Percussion instruments will be available for use, but if any interested participants have drums or small hand percussion to bring, that will open up the number of options for all.


T’shuva is a process of turning and turning and turning- like your hoola hoop! In this workshop we will spin around and play with hoola hoops to help us remember where we’ve been this year, and what we want to bring with us into the new year. (Hoola hoops will be provided, but please bring one if you have your own.)

Tot Shabbat- Songs, stories and activities for children ages 0-5 and their parents.


Tue, September 29 2020 11 Tishrei 5781