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Divrei Torah - Rabbi Shahar Colt

These divrei torah have been delivered on High Holydays and on other occasions.

Root Vegetables

Rabbi Shahar Colt

Audio of Rabbi Shahar's 2019 Kol Nidre d'var.




Being Ivrim, Migration ours and others’, and Justice

Rabbi Shahar Colt

Kol Nidre 5779

Being Ivrim.pdf

Some of you know that this August I went to the Arizona/Mexico border as part of Faith Floods the Desert, a gathering of clergy and faith leaders from around the country to support and participate in the work of an organization called No More Deaths. They are a humanitarian organization that provides water and other lifesaving aid for migrants crossing the desert. Over the past year, their...Read more...

Kol Nidre Sermon 5778

Rabbi Shahar Colt


“When a person departs from the world, all their deeds come and present themselves to him one by one, saying: “This is what you did on day X. Do you believe it?” The person responds: “Yes, I do.” The deed then says: “Sign!” — and the person signs. Then the person vindicates God’s judgment, saying: “You judge me correctly.”

This ancient midrash from the sifre, a rabbinic commentary on the book of...Read more...

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784