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5781 School Plan

Hello Dorshei Tzedek families,

I hope this message finds you well and that you and your family have found ways to enjoy this summer. It is my hope that in these challenging and uncertain times, the CDT Religious School will provide your children with grounding consistency and connection with peers, their teachers, and our tradition. Our Religious School team is so excited to begin learning with you on our opening day, September 13th

In this email you will find: 

  • School Registration, please register before 8/20!
  • Introduction to the CDT Religious school fall plan
  • Video message from Earnest and the Religious School Teachers
  • Explanation of Sunday and Tuesday programs
  • Links to class schedule for each Kitah (grade)

I am so excited to share our plans for the CDT Religious School fall semester with you. Based on the data from our school registration, discussions with CDT teachers and parents, conversations with religious school directors nationally and locally, and the news that JCDS will not be renting their space to outside organizations, I have concluded that the best way to keep everyone safe, meet our learning goals, and respond to the needs of our community is to remain virtual for the fall semester.

Our school team is focusing on creating virtual classrooms that provide deep learning and deep relationships for our students. To meet our learning goals and enhance the learning experience of our students, we have been training teachers in integrating dynamic tech tools and protocols. For individual students for whom virtual learning poses challenges, our team will work with the teacher, child, and family to adapt the form of curriculum delivery. In December, we will decide the school model for the second semester based on the recommendations of our reentry protocol committee, the most up to date research, and government guidelines. 

Watch this Video Message from Earnest and the CDT Teachers!

Read on for details about each Kitah (grade), and our Sunday and Tuesday Programs! There is a separate email for Nitzanim/Gan (preK/K) families.

Click on your child’s grade below to see their Religious School schedule, curriculum overview, and teacher bios. 
For Kitot (grades) Gimel (3) through Vav (6) be sure to scroll all the way down for details about our Tuesday plan. 

Sunday plan for Kitah Aleph-Zayin (1st-7th grade): 
Each Sunday will begin with Z’man Rishon (opening gathering) at 10am for parents and kids. One or two times per month, Z’man Rishon will be 30 minutes. There will be a 10 minute Z’man Rishon for the remaining weeks. 

Kitah Aleph (1st grade), Bet (2nd grade), and Gimel (3rd grade) will always have Religious School from 10:00-11:30am. 

  • Click  here  for more details about Kitah Aleph (1st grade), Jewish Holidays with Ali Moss. 
  • Click  here  for more details about Kitah Bet (2nd grade), Jewish Values with Shira Moss 
  • Click  here  for more details about Kitah Gimel (3rd grade), Beginning Bereishit (Genesis) with Lia Almekies and co-teacher Talya Guenzburger 

Kitah Daled (4th grade), Hey (5th grade), Vav (6th grade), and Zayin (7th grade) will start each Sunday at 10am, on some Sundays they will finish at 11:45 and on others they will finish at 12:00pm (please see your child’s class for details). 

  • Click  here  for more details about Kitah Daled (4th grade), Bereishit Part Two with LilyFish and co-teacher Gavi Troper-Hochstein 
  • Click  here  for more details about Kitah Hey (5th grade), Shemot (Exodus) with Micah Friedman and co-teacher Liz Krushnic
  • Click  here  for more details about Kitah Vav (6th grade), Nevi’im (Prophets) with Andrea Kamens and co-teacher Adah Hetko
  • Click  here  for more details about Kitah Zayin (7th grade), Jewish Life in the 2oth Century with Rachel Oshinsky and co-teacher Joanna Marcus

Tuesday Plan: 
Kitah Gimel (3rd grade) will be divided into two kevutzot (groups). One kevutza (group) will meet from 4:00-4:45pm and the second kevutza (group) will meet from 5:00-5:45pm. This way the students will be in small groups of 3-4 for their Hebrew class, which will allow for more individual attention and differentiation. 

Kitah Daled (4th grade) ,  Kitah Hey (5th grade) ,  Kitah Vav (6th grade) will have 30-minute one-to-one tutoring sessions each Tuesday (except for special Rosh Hodesh days). Tutoring sessions will take place between 3:30-6:00pm. Once a month the whole school will come together for a special Zoom Rosh Hodesh celebration, with electives followed by Ma’ariv. 

Stay tuned, you will soon receive an email with the following: 

  • How to sign up for one-to-one Tefillah tutoring (for children in grades 4-6)
  • Opening day of Religious School information
  • Family Education details and dates
  • Religious School materials pick up in October

For more information:


Click here to register for school!

Please register for the Religious School by 8/20! We need to have adequate staffing to match enrollment. If you have any concerns about school fees please be in touch with Melissa Colten ( or Ezra Hausman ( 

Help us spread the word!  We especially want to recruit families with younger kids, grades Nitzanim through Gimel.

As always please be in touch with any questions! If you have inclusion needs, questions, or concerns please contact Amira, our Inclusion Coordinator (, and me ( 


Earnest Vener
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Director of Congregational Learning

Thu, June 17 2021 7 Tammuz 5781