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The membership committee is charged with helping the CDT community grow, both in terms of increasing member households and creating stronger bonds between congregants. The membership comittee is often the first point of contact for interested people and potential members and then is responsible for helping to welcome them to the congregation.

The membership committee responds to phone calls and emails, sends information, answers questions, organize open houses for prospective members and orientations for new members, and makes introductions.

Read more about membership here. You contact the membership committee chair at

VIMs: Virtual Interest Meetups

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As the days grow colder, the Welcoming Committee is hoping to create opportunities for building community and vim (vim=lively energy, vitality) with our new Virtual Interest Meet-ups. Get together virtually with other CDT members to talk, laugh, and share interests.

  • We are looking for volunteers to lead (or co-lead) VIMs, a one-time informal Zoom gathering on any topic of interest, at a day/time of your choice. Do you have a passion or expertise you would like to share with like-minded congregants? Would you like to host an online Shabbat dinner, Netflix party, craft session, virtual cooking lesson or game-night? Share favorite poems, winter stories, music, family recipes, or your latest knitting project? 
  • Please submit your topic and preferred date/time by Monday Nov. 9th. Questions? Contact Debby Saltzman  or Amy Brodesky.
Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyyar 5782