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Adult Education: Past Course Recordings

Judaism Disrupted: Book Talk & Conversation (5783)

with Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

Watch the recording of Rabbi Strassfeld's conversation with Rabbi Toba and CDT members!

From Metaphor to Practice: An Exploration (5783)

with Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Session One, November 30: God as Water and as Voice How do we nourish our spirits through prayer, song, meditation, and other Jewish rituals?
There is no recording available for Session One.

Session Two, December 7: God as Place & Rock of Refuge — Where is the divine as we support one another in times of transition and crisis, illness and mourning?
Class recording     

Session Three, December 14: God as Fire, Rain of Justice Where do we locate God/liness in our work to repair the world?
Class recording

Session Four, December 21: The God-Cloud and Becoming When so many forces in society threaten to tear us apart, what might God/liness have to do with fostering community?
Class recording

With All Your Possessions: The Torah of Money (5782)

with Rabbi Toba Spitzer

What does Judaism have to say about money and our economic relations?  A lot!  We will explore Jewish texts and practices related to mindful consumption, tzedakah and economic justice, and the radical implications of Shabbat and the sabbatical year.  Members of the CDT Economic/Class Difference working group will also share some of the groundbreaking work they have been doing in exploring personal connections to issues of class and economic inequality, both at CDT, in the Jewish community, and in society at large. 

Session 1
Recording     Texts

Session 2
Recording     Texts

Session 3
Recording     Texts     Worksheet

Session 4
Recording     Texts     Worksheet

Session 5 

Jewishness, Whiteness, and Race in America (5782)

with Rabbi Toba Spitzer and Dr. Jenny Sartori

Recordings: Session 1      Session 2        Session 3        Session 4 

Readings:    Goldstein   --Karen Brodkin essay-   Course Materials

Tue, October 3 2023 18 Tishrei 5784